Best Nursing Programs in Florida

There are a good number of nursing programs located in Florida. It makes sense that there are so many nursing programs in Florida when you remember that the state’s population is still growing and that there are a large percentage of elderly folks in the state. Different schools offer several programs that differ depending on where you are coming into the program from, for example a general bachelor’s degree, a second bachelor’s degree or going from an RN to a BSN or MSN, so check the school you are interested to make sure they have a program that matches where you are in your career first.

Types of Nursing Programs in Florida

Depending on where you are in your nursing career, you will be looking to pursue a certain type of program that a nursing school offers. To see more about which nursing schools in Florida offer the kind of program, check out the pages below:

General BSN Programs

These 2 or 4 year programs are designed for individuals who do not already have a nursing licence.  Most require about two years of general college coursework before being admitted, but some can be started straight out of high school.

Accelerated BSN Programs for Graduates of Different Programs

These programs are geared toward individuals who have a bachelor’s degree in fields unrelated to health care.

RN to BSN Programs

If you are aleady an RN and have an associate’s degree in nursing and want to get your bachelor’s in it, this is for you.

Masters of Science in Nursing Programs

These programs are designed for RNs with a bachelor’s degree that wish to get a postgraduate degree in an advanced practice nursing specialization.

National Rank of Florida Nursing Schools

Since there are so many different types of nursing programs at the different colleges and schools of nursing throughout the state, the value of the nursing program rankings that are out there are debatable. Nevertheless, below is how the best nursing programs in Florida rank nationwide according to the U.S. News & World Report:

ranking#44   University of Florida, College of Nursing

#64   University of South Florida, College of Nursing

#79   University of Central Florida, College of Nursing

#79   University of Miami, School of Nursing and Health Studies

#166 Florida State University, College of Nursing

#193 Florida Atlantic University, Lynn College of Nursing

#193 University of North Florida, School of Nursing

#265 Florida International University, College of Nursing & Health Sciences

#295 Jacksonville University, School of Nursing

#332 Barry University, Division of Nursing

#357 University of Tampa, Department of Nursing

#411 Florida Gulf Coast University, School of Nursing

#425 Florida A&M University, School of Nursing

#425 Florida Southern College, School of Nursing & Health Sciences

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