General BSN Programs in Florida

The general Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) programs (also called “traditional” and “generic” BSN programs) that are offered by Florida colleges and universities are for the most part four year programs. These programs are for individuals who are not already licenced/RNs. This is the most common nursing program across the state and is offered by the most institutions. Most schools break them down into two sections of two years each, calling the first two years a pre-nursing program or something similar. This pre-nursing program is pretty much to satisfy your non-nursing related requirements to obtain a bachelor’s degree, such as liberal arts classes. This means that if you already have an A.A. you can skip ahead to the final two years of a four year program.

Barry University
Barry’s traditional BSN program lasts 5 semesters and the prerequisites to being admitted are usually completed in their pre-nursing program. You must have 3.2 GPA to be admitted to the program and also need to submit recommendation letters from two of your professors. Baptist Health South Florida offers a scholarship to Barry students in exchange for an employment commitment upon graduation.

Bethune-Cookman University
BCU offers a BSN program.

Florida A&M University
FAMU offers a four year, two phase program at their Tallahassee campus. Admission to FAMU does not guarantee you admission to their nursing program, which is limited access.

Florida Atlantic University
FAU’s College of Nursing makes admission decisions to their traditional BSN program after you have obtained an A.A. or completed prerequisite courses. You need to have at least a 3.0 GPA in your previous classes. The program itself lasts 24 months.

Florida Gulf Coast University
To be admitted to FGCU’s BSN program you need to complete program prerequisites with at least a 3.0 GPA. You also need to take the TEAS, but the School of Nursing’s admissions department states that there is no minimum score. Apply by February 1st for the Fall Semester and May 15th for the Spring.

Florida International University
The generic BSN track at FIU is a 5 semester long program. Admission to this program is one of the most competitive in the state. In addition to having an A.A. or completing all of the prerequisites with no repeats in science, you also need to have a 3.25 GPA, complete the HESI–A2 nursing entrance exam and upload a video essay to YouTube.

Florida Southern College
FSC’s BSN program is somewhat unique in that the nursing courses are blended in throughout the programs 4 year length. This might be a good thing for students straight out of high school that want some medical classes from the beginning. You need a high school GPA of at least 3.25 and a 1000 on your SAT with at least 500 in math.

florida southern

Florida State University
This program is very selective. You need at least a 1710 on your essay and to have a weighted GPA of 3.75. Your best chance of being admitted to FSU’s traditional BSN program is if you apply as a freshman. If you apply as a junior or as a transfer student, your likelihood of being admitted will depend on the number of freshman that started the program that are still with it.

Nova Southeastern University
Before being admitted to this program you need to complete 36 hours of specific undergraduate coursework with a GPA of 3.0. You will also need to have an in-person interview and if you are selected for that you will also need to take the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam. The program starts in August and January.

South University
The Nursing College at South University offers a full entry-level program. You can complete the entire course of studies in as few as 40 months and in recent years 88% of graduates have found employment upon graduation.
south university

University of Central Florida
ucfUCF offers this basic BSN program at three UCF campuses in Orlando, Daytona and Cocoa. It’s designed for students who already have an associate’s degree or about two years of college-level coursework. The program can be completed in 5 straight semesters. You need a 3.0 GPA and at least a 78% on the TEAS.



University of Florida
ufUF’s generic BSN program has a somewhat lower GPA admission requirement, at 2.8, than most other programs. This is another upper-level program that lasts about two years and requires about two years of prerequisites or an associate’s degree.

University of Miami
UM’s traditional BSN program is distinguished from most other nursing programs in Florida by the fact that they admit students to the program as freshmen. If you want to enter the program straight from high school as a freshman you need to have at least a 3.7 GPA in high school.

University of North Florida
To be admitted to UNF’s BSN program, which they call “Regular Prelicensure BSN,” you need a 2.9 GPA on your prerequisite courses and you need to complete a TEAS. They don’t state a minimum score for the TEAS.

University of South Florida
This BSN program for upperclassmen can be completed in six consecutive semesters. It is more selective than most similar programs since you need a 3.2 GPA.

University of Tampa
The University of Tampa’s Nursing Department somewhat deceptively calls this a four year program, however you will only be admitted to the nursing program if you have been successful in the pre-nursing program. To be admitted you also need to take the TEAS and submit a letter of recommendation and a personal statement with your application.

University of West Florida
You can apply to UWF’s traditional BSN once you are on course to complete your general studies requirements at the university. You will also need to have 3.0 GPA and a 73% on the TEAS.

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