Colleges and Universities in Northwest Florida

Colleges in Northwest Florida

Baptist College of Florida
Chipola College
Gulf Coast State College
Northwest Florida State College
Pensacola State College
Tallahassee Community College

Universities in Northwest Florida

Florida A&M University
Florida State University
University of West Florida

Map of Major Colleges and Universities in Northwest Florida

University of West Florida Pensacola State College Northwest Florida State College Chipola College Gulf Coast State College Tallahassee Community College Florida State University Florida A&M University

Introduction to Northwest Florida

The region the Florida College Guide refers to as Northwest Florida spans from the Florida’s western border with Alabama to east of Tallahassee, a region commonly called the Florida Panhandle. It is more rural and feels more southern than much of peninsular Florida, since unlike there it hasn’t been a traditional destination for people moving from other states. Nevertheless, some of Florida’s best beaches are found in Northwest Florida in an area referred to as the Forgotten Coast and, pejoratively, as the Redneck Riviera.

The Florida Panhandle has much cooler winters than peninsular Florida, though you can’t really call them cold and it very, very rarely snows. More trees have autumn colors in this part of Florida.
Though there are no large cities in Northwest Florida several cities there are significant in other ways. The state capital, Tallahassee, has excellent education options for a city of its size (around 200,000 people), since two of Florida’s state universities are located there as well as a community college. Nearby Apalachicola is the oyster capital of the south and Panama City Beach is a very popular spring break destination.

the white sands of a beach on Northwest Florida's Gulf Coast

a canopy road in Tallahassee


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