Best Art Schools in Florida

ringling college fine arts programAll of the big universities in Florida naturally have art programs, but unfortunately none of them is particularly renowned nation-wide. There are several private colleges, however, that have some well-respected art programs, such as the Ringling College of Art and Design (seen in the picture to the right) and Eckerd College. To find a list of schools that offer majors for a certain type of art program, check this page.

As far as ranking which art schools in Florida are the best, that’s difficult since there are so many kinds of art programs and some schools excel in one type of art program and may not even offer another. For a general idea we could look to the US News ranking of the best MFA programs in the nation:

#62 University of Florida
#72 University of South Florida
#114 University of Miami
#177 Florida Atlantic University
#197 (tie) Florida International University
#197 (tie) Miami International University of Art and Design

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