Accelerated BSN Programs for Second Degree in Florida

Accelerated bachelor of science in nursing programs are generally geared towards students who have already obtained a bachelor’s degree in a different field and now wish to transfer to nursing. These are often intensive, in-person programs that last a year (three semesters) or a little longer. Graduates of the programs below are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN and become a fully-licensed RN.

Overview of Accelerated BSN Programs for Second Degree in Florida

Barry University

The Division of Nursing at Barry University in Miami offers a 15 month long accelerated BSN program that begins in the Spring semester. In addition to the general and health care related prerequisite courses, future students must also have a 3.2 GPA for prior courses and two letters of recommendation.

Florida Atlantic University

FAU’s College of Nursing offers an intensive 15 month program leading to a BSN for students with a bachelor’s in unrelated field. You need 14 prerequisite courses before starting the program and you need to have gotten at least a 3.0 GPA in your previous college courses.

Remington College

Remington College offers a 12 month BSN program at its Lake Mary campus for graduates of unrelated fields.

Florida State University

FSU’s College of Nursing offers a three semester, 12 month program that begins in the Fall. You can apply from December 1st through February 1st. To be admitted you need to have achieved a GPA of 3.2 on your previous coursework. You also need to take nine of the thirteen prerequisite courses which are listed here.

Miami Dade College

Though not for a BSN, Miami Dade offers a 42 credit program towards an A.S. that will prepare students for the NCLEX-RN.

University of Central Florida

ucfUCF’s College of Nursing’s accelerated BSN program is 4 semesters and starts every summer at UCF’s main campus in Orlando. You need to have a 3.0 for your previous work and need to have completed seven of the eight prerequisite courses before being admitted to the program. You also need at least a 78% on the TEAS. Apply before February 1st.

University of Florida

ufUF’s accelerated BSN program parallels the existing baccalaureate curriculum and runs four semesters as it covers 59 credits from summer to summer. To be admitted you need a 3.0 GPA on your previous courses, two references, a 500 or higher on the GRE (or 153 verbal and 144 quantitative score on current version of GRE) and a 1-2 page statement that explains your rationale for career change, and what your goals and expectations are for the program. There are only six prerequisite courses for this program.

University of Miami

u of mUM’s accelerated BSN lasts 12 months and unlike most other programs in the state there have been two starting semesters for the program in recent years. You need to have a 3.0 GPA for your former courses and there are eight prerequisite courses listed here. The University of Miami is not one of the public universities and the total tuition cost for the 55-credit program inclusive of fees is about $40,000.00

University of North Florida

This program for graduates of unrelated baccalaureate programs lasts 3.5 semesters. There are 8 prerequisite courses and students need to take the TEAS before being admitted.

University of South Florida

USF’s College of Nursing offers an accelerated program that lasts 4 semesters at their Tampa campus. There are 8 prerequisite courses and applicants need to have at least a 3.0 GPA for all their previous courses. You also need to submit a two page writing sample outlined here.



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